Shadow's Far

Being passionate about Bay- Area Thrash Shadow's Far, from the Swiss canton Uri, were founded in 1999. In the past twenty years, three albums and a demo have passionately and with a lot of joy been produced. Musically they never wanted to be pushed into a category. Shadow’s Far plays harsh but yet melodic thrash with a slight Scandinavian touch rounded off with a good portion of balls and Deathmetal. As a very versatile metal band they could gain a great reputation as a band. Live wise but also the records received very good recessions. The shows of Shadow's Far are well known as an absolute highlight for stagediving, headbanging and stagesharing together with the band. The fans consider the shows always as absolute highlights.

In the past 20 years a lot of live shows have been played in Switzerland and Europe. Several tours through Europe and some midsized festival appearances are definitely the highlights in Shadow’s Fars agenda. The tours have taken them to countries like: Germany, Belgium, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovenia and Austria.

Shadow’s far has proudly shared stage with bands like Coroner, Tankard, Sinister, Eluveitie, Legion of the Damned, Entombed, Evocation, Hatesphere, Evile, Grave, Accu§er, Samael, Sonic Syndicate and many more.

The experiences as well as the pure joy and passion for metal music and its scene but also the friendship within the band will hopefully bring another 20 years of Shadow's Far to them and the world.

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Roman Wettstein – Gesang
Bruno Bomatter – Gitarre
Serge Mattli – Gitarre
Pascal Trutmann – Bass
Remo Poletti – Drums

Genre: Thrash Metal

Ort: Silenen

Aktiv seit: 1999

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02.11.2019Vogelsang, Altdorf
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